Management along with employees of PT. RUTAN always try to do the best to answer the challenge. We accept from society and will pass to society.
Our Profile
Human being will always require food-stuff until whenever and anywhere to be able to live on. Food-Stuff production depend on agricultural sector, Fishery and Industry processing of food-stuff. Along with progressively as narrow;tight as available farm , hence requirement of technology will be new progressively insist on.
PT. RUTAN Head Office
Jl. Ikan Dorang 7, Surabaya 60177
Jawa Timur, Indonesia

+62 31.355.0191

+62 31.353.6977

Vision and Mission
Company Vision

Become the biggest agriculture equipments supplier in South-East Asia.

Company Mission

Provide agriculture equipments for the market at reasonable price and to assist government create stable economics. We realize that, in order to achieve our goal, we continually develop expedotopis technology, professional management and give best service to our customers